Individual Health Premiums Climbs

People who by health insurance individually seen their premiums increased dramatically a survey found. The survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation show that prices rose 20%. A few patrons were able to switch plans  and the premium payment fell.

Those who had employer backed family health plans saw their premiums ticked up 5%. While employer back individual plans did not increase. There are variables says Kaiser Family Foundation  Vice-President Gary Claxton.

The survey found asked 1038 people who pay their premiums for the most recent increase. The rate rise and fall more often than group rates. The variable include age, cost of medicines, and treatments.

Rates are cyclical:

The market also appears to be cyclical, with a big increase following a couple years of smaller ones, said Robert Laszewski, a health care consultant and former insurance executive who wasn’t involved with the Kaiser study.

But even with a sizable average increase, individual health care premiums still span a wide range from no increases to huge hikes.

“There is no real consistency,” Laszewski said.

On person Guy Gooding of Sobieski, Wis., who is 59, watch his premiums skyrocket by 73% since 2007 for he and his wife. In 2007 they paid $374 in health care premiums a month  today the pay $646 a month. Gooding does not to drop his policy with Anthem Blue Cross-Wisconsin because the quality that Anthem provides.

“They’re very vague on why the increases have been as much as they have been,” he said.

ABC News has more.

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