Obama Latest Numbers Fall Again to 42% Approval Ratings

Same song different day(or different week and different poll for that matter) and the presidents numbers continue in free-fall. The latest Rasmussen Report finds 24% strongly support President Obama while 44% strongly disapprove of the job he is doing. Overall, 42% somewhat approve of the job that the President is doing. However, 57% somewhat disapprove of his job performance. This is the lowest approval ratings for President Obama.

The poll broken down by party affiliation shows that 48% Democrats strongly approve Obama’s job performance. 75% of Republicans strongly disapprove the job he is doing. Among non-affiliated voters only 12%  highly support the job while 52% strongly disapprove .

Before the Tuesday night Oval Office speech, President Obama 30% job approval rating in handling the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. While 45% respondents gave the president poor marks in handling the spill.

Rasmussen Reports


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