Indian Ocean Islands Shaken by 7.5 Earthquake

On Sunday the islands in the Indian Ocean shaken by a 7.5 quake. From AFP:

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck under the Indian Ocean near India’s Nicobar and Andaman Islands early Sunday, triggering panic on the archipelago and an initial regional tsunami alert.

The quake shook people from their sleep and briefly disrupted power supplies, causing alarm on a string of islands which were hit by the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but there were no reports of casualties or damage.

The temblor was felt as far away as mainland India and Indonesia:

The quake struck at 1:26 am (1926 GMT Saturday) at a depth of 35 kilometres (22 miles), with the epicentre around 160 kilometres west of the Nicobar Islands.

Tsunami warnings issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii and India’s National Centre for Ocean Information Services, were later withdrawn when no change in sea level was reported.

AFP via Breitbart News


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