ABC News Washington Post Poll: 81% Says BP is not Doing a Good Job with Oil Spill

A new ABC News / Washington Post Poll  finds the public mood  very foul. The poll finds  resounding 81% says British Petroleum is doing a lousy job in taking care of the oil spill. The poll has astonishing bad news for President Barack Obama. The ABC  News / Washington Post also finds the federal governments response  in the Oil Spill  is woeful and lacking .  69% view the response negatively.

That’s compares to 62% for the Bush Administration 5 years ago during Hurricane Katrina which battered New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

From ABC News:

BP’s response to the spill draws even broader criticism – 81 percent rate it negatively. And 64 percent say the government should pursue criminal charges against BP and other companies involved in the spill, which has poured oil into the Gulf from a well 5,000 feet beneath the surface since an explosion and fire destroyed the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig April 20.

Those surveyed are calling this an environmental  disaster and want criminal charges against BP:

And amid fouled beaches, oiled wildlife and closed fisheries , there’s growing public dismay over the damage. Seventy-three percent now call the spill a major environmental disaster, up sharply from 55 percent in a Pew Research Center poll a month ago.

Support for pursuit of criminal charges against BP and its partners rises to 71 percent among people who call the spill a major disaster. Similarly, 73 percent favor criminal charges among those who suspect that unnecessary risks were taken by BP and its partners.

ABC News has more.


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