Obama Adminstration Offered a Job to Another Democrat Andrew Romanoff if he Drops Out of the US Senate Race Against Michael Bennet

Representative Admiral Joe Sestak,(D-PA) was not the only politician that the Obama Administration offered a job to. Now there’s word a second political approached to not to run for senate this time in Colorado.

Colorado House of Representative Speaker Andrew Romanoff was “encouraged”  not to challenge current US Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO).  Sources to the Associate Press that the job was offered but  the position was not revealed:

These officials declined to specify the job that was floated or the name of the administration official who approached Romanoff, and said no formal offer was ever made. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not cleared to discuss private conversations.

“Mr. Romanoff was recommended to the White House from Democrats in Colorado for a position in the administration,” White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton said. “There were some initial conversations with him but no job was ever offered.”

The timing could not come a worst time Republican Representative Darrel Issa of California is calling for an  FBI investigation on Sestak:

“Romanoff would be well-served to explain all of the details surrounding his discussions with the White House, the positions they proposed and the individuals who contacted him immediately,” said Amber Marchand, a spokeswoman for the Republicans’ Senate campaign committee.

Unlike Sestak, Romanoff has ducked questions on the subject, and it was not clear how long his discussions with administration officials lasted. Also unlike Sestak, Romanoff was out of office and looking for his next act after being forced from his job because of term limits.

Romanoff had sought appointment to the Senate seat that eventually went to Bennet, publicly griped he had been passed over and then discussed possible appointment possibilities inside the administration, one of the officials said.

After being passed over for the Senate appointment, the out-of-power Romanoff made little secret of shopping for a political job. Romanoff also applied to be Colorado secretary of state, a job that came open when Republican Mike Coffman was elected to Congress. Gov. Bill Ritter again appointed a replacement, and again passed over Romanoff.

AP via Yahoo News has more.


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