75 Kids in New York City Accidentaly Poisoned by Anti-Freeze

75 Kids in New York City  were sick on Monday after drinking contaminated water. The incident happen at PS 20 Johne Brown  School in Flushing, Queens.

The Fire Department of New York said the said the kids taken to area hospitals including near by Flushing Hospital. EMS  called in to treat the kids.

EMS asked and received help for the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority:

EMS called the MTA for help because so many people were involved. MTA buses with emergency medical technicians on board transported 20 students to Flushing Hospital and as many as 60 more children to other local hospitals for treatment.

New York City Department of Education spokesperson says the  contractor working on the air conditioning system may have accidentally contaminated the water supply with a type of anti-freeze.

Department of Education says that Johne Browne School will be open on Wednesday. Students will drink bottle water  until the system repaired.

PS 20 John Browne school houses 1,300 student enrollment from Day care to the fifth grade.

“Fox 5 News”/ WNYW-TV-HD

“Channel 7 Eyewitness News”/ WABC-TV/ HD


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