Opposing Immigration Rallies in Phoenix

Thousands of supporters and opponents of the Arizona Immigration Reform bill officially known as Senate Bill 1070  came to Phoenix protest or support the bill. Tens of thousands march on the streets of Central Arizona on Saturday in opposition. They march toward the state capitol.

These protesters waved signs and carried American Flags. Officers from the Phoenix Police Department kept an eye on protester who were non-violent.

Supporters of the bill gather at a Arizona State University Tempe Diablo Stadium in to stand with Governor Jan Brewer Saturday evening.

Critics of the new law puts a new burden on police and targets Latinos:

Luis Jimenez, a 33 year old college professor who lives is South Hadley,MA said the law will force police officers to spend much of their time on immigration violations instead of patrolling neighborhoods or dealing with violent crime.

The law also makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally or to impede traffic while hiring day laborers, regardless of the worker’s immigration status.

“You’re saying to the co” ‘Go pick up that day laborer. Don’t worry about the guy committing crime,'” said Jimenez, a naturalized citizen Mexico who grew up in Phoenix.

Alfonso Martinez,  a 38 year old Phoenix carpenter and father of three children who are American Citizen says he has been living in the US illegally for 21 years has been waiting for legal status.

“If they stop me and they find my status, who’s going to feed my kids? Who’s going to keep working hard for them? he said, keeping a careful eye on his six  year old  girl in a stroller. Their 13 year old son walked ahead of them.

Supporters see the law a battle like Alamo during the Texas war of Independence in late 1830’s.

“Arizona, we feel, is America’s Alamo in the fight against illegal and dangerous entry into the United States,” said Gina Loudon of St. Louis,MO; who organized the buycott.

“Our border guards and ll of Arizona law enforcement are the endermanned, under-gunned, taxed-to-the-limit front-line defenders trying to hold back the invasion,” She said.

American Power blog shows  a different view of the immigration march from the socialist and radicals the AP and other media didn’t show. Here’s a sneak peek:

Radicall call Maricopa Country Sherrif Joe Arpaio a Terrorist wearing KKK robes and burining a cross.

On a poster Radicals call Maricopa Country Sherriff Joe Arpaio a Terrorist wearing KKK robes and burning a cross for supporting SB 1070.

AP via My Way News

Special Thanks to Jim Hoft/ Gateway Pundit.

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