ACORN Pimp James O’Keefe Pleads Guilty to Misdememanor Sen Landrieu Case

James O’Keefe an ambitious reporter pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of entering federal property under false pretenses :

O’Keefe was sentenced to three years probation, 100 hours of community service and fined a $1,500 fine. The 25-year-old is known for wearing a pimp costume in a video that embarrassed ACORN.

A Louisiana Federal Magistrate  gave him a mild sentence considering this was first time offense The three others with O’keefe  also plead guilty:

Magistrate Daniel Knowles III sentenced the three others to two years probation, 75 hours of community service and fined them $1,500.

The FBI has said O’Keefe used his cell phone to try to capture video of two men who posed as telephone repairmen and asked to see the phones. O’Keefe spokesman Denis Calabrese disputed an earlier allegation that a fourth suspect waited in a car with a listening device, which was not mentioned in court records.

AP via Breitbart News


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