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FOX News: America Is Helping the Enemy?

President Obama wants to talk to so-called “Moderate Voices” in Hezbollah according to Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan on Tuesday:

Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan told an audience yesterday that the Obama Adminstration wants to reach out to the “moderate” elements of the Hezbolllah terror group. Hezbollah is funded by Iran and its goal is to destroy Israel. That about tells you right there what the Obama Administration thinks of Israel. These people are crazy and dangerous.

America Is Helping the Enemy?. Fox News National Correspondent Catherine Herridge gives us insight.

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon Blast Arizona At the White House Ceremony

During a joint presidential press conference  United States President Barack Obama and the President Felipe Calderon of Mexico. President Calderon chastises the US and the state of Arizona of its immigration law AB 1070.

The annoying thing is lecturing by world leader who own government treats other who comes to his country(Mexico). Before you bitch about the US work on your own country Mr. Calderon, sir.

Mr. Obama for once in your life sir, grow a pair and stand up for your country and stop the apology tour. It’s getting old.


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