Commentary: GOP and Arizona Drop the Ball Democrats are Winning the Latino Vote

A Wall Street Journal Poll found Latino Opposed the Arizona Immigration bill. The Wall Street Journal/ NBC News poll found 70% of Latinos opposed the legislation while 69% of Whites approve.Wall Street Journal:

Divisions were even sharper between whites and Hispanics. Among Hispanic respondents, 70% opposed the law, while 69% of whites in the survey supported it.

The poll found that Latinos see immigration is helpful to the nation while Whites don’t:

Hispanics also held a different view of immigration generally than did white respondents.

In the survey, 58% of Hispanics said that immigration helped the U.S. more than it hurt, while 56% of white respondents said that immigration hurt more than it helped.

The survey found that, at the moment, Hispanics greatly favored Democrats over Republicans, particularly among Hispanics under age 40.

The Republicans made a fatal mistake they need to show Latinos who are favorable to the law in Arizona. The President and Illegal Immigrant community show the faces of the Latinos community and make the argument that the bill is racist.

Democrats always us emotion to drive the issue. While the GOP use intellectual argument to persuade people. Unfortunately the conservatives are losing the message.

Michael Steele and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer here’s a CLUE: Get emotional too. People need to SEE native-born or naturalized Latinos  who support the AB 1070. That means GOP  both national local who are willing to speak publican to stand up for the bill.  This is a Public Relation war and the GOP is losing.

It’s time for the GOP to fight back it is imperative to fight this notion  that whites hate Latinos.  If the GOP do not the Democrats will keep the Latinos  votes and And the Democrats support diversity.

Michael Steele and Governor Brewer time to take action. Find the people and  get them to be on ads on Television, Facebook, MySpace; Twitter, blog ads radios. The time is now  the message must be clear and concise. That they support the legislation.


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