NYPD and FBI are Searching for Supect in Attempted Times Square Bombing

New York Police  and the FBI are on the hunt for a suspect in the Times Square attempted bombing.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said officers are heading to a town in Pennsylvania to talk to a man who believes he may have recorded a bombing suspect on his video camera. Police are looking a for a white male in his 40s who was seen shedding a dark shirt with a red shirt underneath, he said at an afternoon press conference. Investigators are now looking through “hundreds of hours of surveillance videos,” Mr. Kelly added.

Overnight Sunday morning NYPD reopened the area around Times Square along Broadway between 43rd and 47th Streets.

Police blocked the area from West 43rd to 47th streets along Broadway and Seventh Avenue with metal railings. Parts of West 48th Street were also closed. Most of the streets were reopened Sunday morning after police removed the Pathfinder.

Meanwhile, Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility. However, the FBI  says that they were not involved  and  this group always claiming responsibility for a terror event that was don’t by another terrorism group.

On Sunday, a Pakistani Taliban group took credit for the attempted attack in a short video. The video, purportedly from the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan group, offered “congratulations to the Muslim ummah (community) on the jaw-breaking blow to Satan’s USA.” The video, which made no mention of the plot’s failure, said the attack was a response to recent killings of top Pakistani Taliban figures, including Baitullah Mehsud.

Mr. Kelly said there is no evidence of a Taliban link to the attempted bombing and noted that the group had falsely claimed responsibility for other incidents in which it had no involvement.

“The intent was to cause mayhem,” he said.

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Wall Street Journal New York Edition


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