Houston Police Involved in an International Incident in the Chinese Diplomat Core

Developing Story:  Three members of the Houston Police Department placed at desk duty while an investigation begins over an international incident involving a staff with the Chinese diplomat corp.

One of the three officer alleged to hit the man at a traffic stop near the Chinese Embassy last week.

The Chinese government responded to last Saturday’s arrest of Houston deputy Consul General Boren Yu, who said a security camera recorded the incident, with a call for a speedy investigation. China also noted that “solemn exchanges” had passed between China and the U.S. as a result of the incident. Under the Vienna Convention, local law officers are prohibited from entering foreign diplomatic offices in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Houston leaders have order a major investigation into the event.

Mayor Annise Parker, in announcing the officers’ re­assignment on Friday, praised Police Chief Charles McClelland’s handling of the case.

“This is important, as Houston has the third-largest number of consulates in the country,” Parker said. “We cherish our international residents and want to assure them they are welcome in our city.”

The reassigned officers were new officers:

Reassigned to desk duties were Central Patrol Division officers Timothy Riley Jr., Quang Tran and Victor Olivares. Riley has been with the department since 2008; Tran and Olivares since last year.

The  Deputy Counsel-General Boren Yu told his side of the story to the Houston Chronicle:

In an interview Friday, Yu said he was traveling with his wife in a consulate vehicle when he saw a patrol car with flashing lights behind him. Yu said he stopped and waited several minutes, but drove off when the officer stayed in his car and took no apparent action.

Yu said he drove to the Chinese Consulate in the 3400 block of Montrose. When Yu drove through the consulate’s automatic garage gate, the police car followed him.

Yu said he “made it clear” he was a Chinese diplomat, but the officer handcuffed him anyway. Yu said the officer struck him in the face, but he did not address the circumstances or specify when the alleged assault took place. Yu also suffered hand and neck injuries, according to a co-worker at the consulate.

“Local 2 News” said the Chinese government have demanding an investigation and punishment:

“China urges the U.S. … to quickly investigate the details of this incident and to look into the persons responsible to ensure that the Chinese diplomatic and consulate personnel and premises are not violated,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement. “The Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Chinese Embassy and the Houston consulate have already made solemn exchanges with the U.S. side.”

This comes at a bad time where China is the largest holder of US debt. US  is criticized for the spending sprees and China has been threaten to rid its self of our debt with any excuse.

Read it for the complete story.

Houston Chronicle

KPRC-TV/HD “Local 2 News”


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