Immigration Reform may Come to Fore While Climate Change may Take a backseat

Immigration reform maybe the next project on the Democrats agenda according to congressional sources. On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met in closed session to discuss the next set priorities for Congress: Immigration Reform or Cap and Trade.

During the meeting Speaker Pelosi talked to  Sen. Reid about which legislation could be done.  A House of Representative aide who wished not  be identified says Pelosi suggested to Reid to “if you can do immigration first, that’s fine.”

“It was all about what they (the Senate) can get done,” added the aide.

However, Drew Hammil spokesperson for Pelosi said,“(The Speaker)fully committed to getting a comprehensive energy and climate bill” passed this year.

The timing of the two legislation is coming the expense of the each other. Proponents of Climate Change hope that their bill would get priority first. On the other hand Immigration reform advocate went to Washington three weeks ago to protest the need for this reform.

A Democratic aide told Reuters that Reid and Pelosi talked exclusively about immigration reform. “I don’t remember there being a real conversation” on climate legislation during Tuesday’s meeting, the aide added.

Not only timing of immigration reform legislation would bring supporters and opponents of the reform. Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report says Immigration Reform will bring Liberals and conservatives  to election this November.

Reuters has more.


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