President Obama Poll Numbers Continue to Slide

The newest Gallup Organization  poll finds that President Barack  Obama latest poll numbers has fallen.

A new Gallup Poll just out finds Obama’s fifth quarterly poll score (Jan. 20-April 19) is 48.8% job approval, down from his fourth quarter approval of 50.8%.

The Gallup poll analyzes American Presidents since  Dwight D Eisenhower starting back in 1945. The lowest rated fifth quarter was Ronald  Reagan 46.3%, Jimmy Carter was 48%, President Obama was third.

The average  of the poll was 54%.

Here a bit of good news from ABC News that finds a few people believe the economy is getting even worse, now 30% versus a recent 36%. Alas, 92% still think the economy under Obama is in bad shape.

LA Times via Instapundit.


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