More Airspace in Europe. Flights Resume in London Heathrow International Airport

From Wall Street Journal Airspace in Europe reopen on Tuesday as Airports including Heathrow Airport in London the busiest airport in Europe, Charles De Gaul in Paris and  Frankfort Airport. This comes as news that Eyjafjallajökull volcano is weakening.

The opening of Airspace across the continent on Tuesday comes the Airline Industries has seen more that a billion Euros loss since the volcano erupted on Thursday.

Flights resumed in part as ash levels appeared to diminish. But Europe’s air traffic levels are far from normalized and additional volcano activity could further cloud the issue. Eurocontrol, which coordinates flights across 38 European countries, said almost 50% of flights operated across Europe on Tuesday. Since Saturday, flights had been running at around 30% of normal levels and more than 95,000 flights had been canceled, Eurocontrol said.

Even as airports reopened, a debate swirled about the safety of flying without more extensive analysis of the risks, as it appeared that governments were operating without consistent international guidelines based on solid data.

“What’s missing is some sort of standard, based on science, that gives an indication of a safe level of volcanic ash,” said Bill Voss, president of the Flight Safety Foundation, a global nonprofit organization. “Lacking that, we’re going to be trapped in a difficult debate.”

Wall Street Journal has the rest of the story.


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