Travelers are Flying to and From Northern Europe; Could be Short Lived

A tiny window opened on Monday as a few flights arrived and departed to and from Northern European airports. Flights from Rome and Bordeaux,France had very limited service. Others trying to return home to the US are doing what it takes to get state side.

A.P. via Yahoo News

Meanwhile,  Sky News says, The U.K. Meteorological Office which is watching the Icelandic Volcano said Eyjafjallajokull is strengthening.

“The volcano eruption in Iceland has strengthened and a new ash cloud is spreading south and east towards the UK,” Nats said in a statement.

“This demonstrates the dynamic and rapidly changing conditions in which we are working.

“Latest information from the Met Office shows that the situation is worsening in some areas.

“Based on this information, the situation for Northern Irish airports for the morning is uncertain, due to the new ash cloud.

“The latest information shows that Scottish airports should be available from 7am and more airspace over England may become available from 1pm, although not as far south as the main London airports.”

On Monday, according Agencie France Presse AFP the western most part of the volcano ash cloud had reached the North America continent. Satellite imagery discovered the outline of the cloud reaching the Newfoundland and Labrador  coast. Canadian air traffic control agency has canceled flights from Saint John’s,Newfoundland and Labrador.

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