Flights to Europe Remain on Hold UK Navy to Act as Ferry Service to Bring Briton Home

From The Daily Mail: Day five of Shutdown of Northern and Central European airspace. There are bright spots. British Airways and KLM-Air France tested the skies and so far so good.UK airspace remains prohibited until 7P.M. local time thanks to Eyjafjallokull volcano .

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is considering using the Royal Navy as ferry service to retrieve British citizens in France; who stranded.

An Armada of Royal Navy ships is poised to rescue Britons stranded by the aviation shutdown.

The dramatic operation would carry thousands of families home from Channel ports in a rerun of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, and comes as Gordon Brown meets with ministers to decide if British airspace should be re-opened.

The Navy plan to step in to help bring back stranded Britons was revealed after a flotilla of small ships, led by TV historian Dan Snow, was prevented by French authorities from collecting more than a few people.

Security Minister Lord West said commercial ships and amphibious landing craft could also be drafted into service.

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Reuters: The Icelandic Volcano  continues to spew ash and soot in the air however lower elevations of 4-5 kilometers. Farmers in the northern Atlantic island nation keep their livestock in barns, stables and coops due to the ash laden air. Iceland continues to rock by strong tremors. The major urban centers including the capital city of Reykjavik is spared.

“We are all doing our utmost to make sure that the farming community in this area survives this disaster,” Icelandic President Olafur Grimsson told Reuters Television.

President Grimsson says the eruption comes at a time when Iceland coming out of a deep recession. But he is hopeful that the volcanic eruption place the eyes of the world on this tiny island nation and they may bring tourism back.

“What we are experiencing here in Iceland is forces of nature on display… And that is a spectacle — the combination of volcanic eruption and glaciers you cannot see anywhere else in the world,” he said.

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