Icelandic Volcano Keep Air Traffic Out of Northern Europe

Two Days in since Eyjafjallajokull Volcano erupted has stranded travelers around the world.  In addition airspace over most of Northern Europe remain closed to air traffic. Kids are staying home at the advice of Government leaders of various countries and Fears of food shortages. Scientists expect the effects of the volcano to last for another week.

One million Britons were stranded abroad last night by the travel paralysis caused by volcanic ash.

The unprecedented air lockdown was extended until at least 1am tomorrow, with Qantas cancelling all flights to Europe until further notice, and the chaos and confusion will drift well into next week.

Some vacationers  in Spain were told they face a ten-day wait for a flight home and the delays  –  coming at the end of the Easter holiday period  –  intensified problems caused by the massive Icelandic eruption.

Daily Mail has the rest of the story.

Bloomberg News says the effects could extend in to months leading to anger,frustration and confusion.

AP via My Way News says 16,000 flights in Europe canceled. The State Funeral of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria be affected by the inability of some world leaders in President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to travel (none one has canceled thus far.)

AFP via Breitbart News says Iceland’s Drinking water maybe affected.

AFP via Yahoo News says the US Military has re-routed wounded service and women from Iraq and Afghanistan be sent directly to Andrews Air Force Base in Clinton,MD outside Washington,DC. Because Air space in Europe closed due to the Volcano.

Read it all!


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