Tax Day 2010 Is Here

Tax Day is here. But the Firework began on Wednesday when the Tea Party arrived in Boston. Tens of thousands  gather at Boston Common in Downtown Boston within earshot of Government Center.

Many carried signs protesting the government actions including the Health Care Reform Law.

It's the Debt stupid.

A Profound Statement It's the Debt stupid.

When Tyranny Become Law Rebellion Becomes Duty

The Keynote Speaker Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, addressing the Crowd on Boston.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wave to the Tea Partiers in Boston

There will be tea parties across the  country. Stand up  be counted.

Be careful! Infiltrators will attend to disrupt the protests. Please Please carry Video camera, flash photography, digital audio recorders to capture everything. Don’t let critics from the media and Obama Administration cut you down.

There was an attack the Tea Party Express again this time in Boston.

Stay Safe and GOD Bless America.

Jim Hoff at Gateway Pundit has the Developing Story.

Grand Rants

DaTechGuy Blog

via Instapundit.


You Tube


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