Airplane Crash Kills Polish President in Russia

A horrific plane crash has taken the life of Lech Kaczynski, 60 his wife  and Member of the Polish government including head of the National bank, Speaker of the Parliament; Chief of the Army, the head of the Navy among the dead.

Kaczynski and members of the Polish Government were making a 90 minute trip to Smolensk, Russia to a site in the Katyn Forest,to  commemorate  where the Soviet Army killed 22,000 Polish army officers after the invasion of Poland in 1940.

The Presidential Plane a Soviet made  built in 1990 Tupolev Tu-154. jet took off from Warsaw to heading for  Smolensk in western Russia. Weather may have been a contributing factor in the crash. There was heavy fog in the area. Air traffic controllers had worn the plane not to land. But Pilot insisted and the plane made the Approach the Presidential Plan clipped trees as it was landing and crash the broke up in pieces and exploded.

Word of the crash swept Poland. Emotions running high: sadness anger denial, and loss.  Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called for a two-minute of silence at noon local time in Poland.”The contemporary world has not seen such a tragedy he said, offering his “deepest sympathy” to the president’s family.

Thousand lined areas surrounding the Polish Presidential Palace bring candles and flowers mourning the tragic loss of it leaders.

In the US Polish-Americans gathered  Catholic Churches  held Saturday Mass  to console each other of the loss.

In Chicago, (via “ABC 7 News”) the largest community of Poles outside Warsaw,  people people took the news quite hard. Flowers and candles were placed at the  Polish  Consulate. “We’ll have to take time to heal,” said Barbara Chalko, whose grandfather was murdered in the massacre. ” I don’t know how soon we’ll get back to this point again.”

Barbara Maczek traveled from northwest suburban Schaumburg to the Polish consulate to sign a condolence book after hearing the news.

“It was very tragic news because so many died,” said Maczek.

Mark Rzepkowski, radio show host at WNVR 1030 AM, a Polish radio station.Rzepkowski fielding calls from listeners expressing their loss.

“Right now, we feel altogether something like the American people feel after 9-11 or something very similar – huge tragedy,” Rzepkowski said.

In New York (via “Channel 7 Eyewitness News”) People gather in Greenspoint in Northern Brooklyn at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church to grieve and express their loss of the plane crash in Russia during Saturday night mass. Across the East River in Midtown Manhattan at the Polish Consulate people gathered bringing flowers and candles to mourn.

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