Political Correctness Run Amok Radical Islam Does Not Exist

White House  national advisers  have decided to drop terms including Islamic Radicalism to signal that the US is not attacking Islam or looking at Muslim nations though the eyes of terrorism.

This change of strategy By the Obama Administration is a shift from the Bush Policy. Policy which states: The Struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the greatest ideological conflict of the early years if the 21st century.”

The change is  Obama  Administration putting is own stamp on foreign policy. The White House source is anonymous because the document is being re-worked.

This White House  want to approach Middle-Eastern nations for better relations.

“You take a country where the overwhelming majority are not going to become terrorists, and you go in and say “We’re building  you a hospital so you don’t become terrorist.” That doesn’t make sense.” Said Pradeen Ramamurthy a National Security Council staffer.

This was similar approach by the Bush Administration By former White House Adviser Karen Hughes.

“I did recommend that, in my judgment, it’s unfortunate because of the way it’s heard. We ought to avoid the language of religion,” Said Hughes. “Whenever they hear “Islamic extremism, Islamic Jihad, Islamic fundamentalism,” The perceive it as sort of an attack on their faith. That the world view Osama Bin Laden wants them to have.”

AP via My Way News has more.


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