Breaking News:Qatari Diplomat Causes Scare on Cross Country Flight

This Just In: Qatari Diplomat cause fear and anxiety on a  cross-country flight on Wednesday over the Great Plains.The news led to two F-16 fighter jets to intercept the flight.

The passenger on board United Airlines  flight from Washington DC to Denver, informed flight attendants of the smell of smoke.

The passenger is a  Qatari Diplomat identified Mohammed Al-Madadi who tried to sneak a smoke on the flight.

The timing could not worse as this reminds the passengers of the Christmas Day on the  Transatlantic flight attempted to blow up the plane.

Passengers Dave Klaversma 55 and his wife Laura from  Parker,Co notice the diplomat who they sat behind  went to bathroom . Afterward Al-Madadi talk to flight attendants. Then two US Air Marshall detained the Qatari diplomat. Al-Madadi is detained in Denver.

Earlier reports said that the diplomat was light some sort of explosive  device. The reports were incorrect.

AP via Yahoo News has the rest of the story.


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