A War on Black Conservatives and Libertarians

There is new battle in war on the Tea Party Movement. If your black and are a speaker, contributor or a attendee of a tea party you are a sell out. I find this repulsive, sickening  bullsh_t. This is sad and troubling A victocrat ( A phrase I learned from listening former radio talk host Larry Elder of KABC 790  here my adopted hometown of LA)mentality that permeates the Black community. If you don’t follow the prescribe beliefs, including the White Folks is out to get Me attitude then your are an uncle Tom, an oreo; trying to be white.

Timothy Johnson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation has been attacked for being a tea party member,“I’ve been told I hate myself. I’ve been called an Uncle Tom. I’ve been told I’m a spook at the door,” said Johnson of the Black Conservative group that support free market principals and limited government.

“Black Republicans find themselves always having to prove who they are. Because the assumption is the Republican Party is for whites and the Democratic Party is for blacks,” he said.

Black conservative like Johnson are drawn to the tea party movement because of the idea of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and less taxes.

“You have to be honest and true to yourself. What am I supposed to do, vote Democratic just to be popular? Just to fit in?” asked Clifton Bazar, a 45-year-old New Jersey freelance photographer and conservative blogger.

Critics of the tea party movement has called it racist because it is primary white and conservative. And allegation of racism by the tea party members.

Angela McGlowan is one of several Black Republican is running for congress says  about her involvement in the tea party movement “not about a black or white issue.”

“It’s not even about Republican or Democrat, from my standpoint,” she told The Associated Press. “All of us are taxed too much.”

The tea party movement is small and not organized there is no registration nor formal structure. There is no racial demographics. Minority involvement by black and Hispanic is small.

But thanks to President Obama election and their distaste of his policies at  least 37 black Republicans are running for congress.

Now many African Americans who either attend tea parties, contribute to them or lead a tea party group  you blackness is questioned.  What makes it worse is the lies by the Congressional Black Caucus of accusation of racial epithets hurled by someone at the tea party protest. ( By the way I saw the video and pictures of the event and there were no racial name called People shouted “Kill the Bill”) and the alleged spitting incident against Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver. (Some have suspect the spit was some was “saying it and spraying it”).Cleaver has since back track on it in an interview by Fox 4 News in Kansas City. He said other people made the accusation.  Despite  the fact Cleaver office said in a press release on day on the event.

I would like to understand why would members of the Congressional Black Caucus would deliberately parade with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  to the from the congressional office building along Constitution Ave NW instead using the tunnel to get to the capitol building which is the way nearly all pols use on a daily basis. Why would you throw a history of civil rights prestige and honor to become “Agent Provocateurs” to show that the Tea Party Movement is filled with racists when it’s certainly not the case.( this is not to say they are not racist everywhere  they are.) An old friend from high school  is a member of tea party movement and he is Filipino.  He is one of the nicest guys I know.

Look, Many African American born after 1965 don’t know that many Africans were Republicans From Reconstruction to the 1970’s the imposition of social welfare state under Lyndon Baines Johnson Democrat and Republicans Richard Milhous Nixon(Yes, folks “Tricky Dick” Nixon) and Gerald R. Ford.

For many years I was a loyal Democrat. But since I left College I became more of a conservative or even a Libertarian. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and other election I voted party line nearly all elections until 2005. I found myself. During that time I found that my values and politics is more conservative over the years. I listen to talk radio since 1992.

I watch Fox News Channel from 2000 til today. My views are similar to my parents  in fact My dad voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 because the bad economy and the Iranian Crisis (He did vote for Jimmy Carter in 1976.)

I left the Democrat party in 2006 after the treatment of the Bush Administration on the war. And the Lies by CBS News in the 2004 election turned off by this. Today I am unaffiliated voter not crazy about the GOP spending Although I was not opposed to No Child Left Behind and the prescription drug benefit program I was wrong about the drug benefit program .

I voted for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in 2ooo. I’ll will no longer vote for the Democrats they are not the party I voted for. They have become what Radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager “the Social Democrats.” A moniker more commonly used in Germany , France  and other European countries. Taking over banks, car companies, AIG, student loans,and  health care industry.  Whats next? I’ll tell you, Cap and Trade Tax (despite the fact oil is now hovering between $86 and $87 a barrel.)Amnesty  for illegals and Card Check to pressure workers to join unions by eliminating the secret ballot.

I think I should join the tea party movement. Their values a much more closer to my values than the president.  This victocrat mentality needs to stop.

AP via Breitbart has the rest of the story.


2 responses to “A War on Black Conservatives and Libertarians

  1. A political party that seeks to control every aspect of peoples’ lives, and therefore their money, has a vested interest in keeping or putting blacks (and everyone else) into the victim/dependent/slave mentality. We’ll all be slaves if Pelosi et Co. have their way, holding out our bowls (which they give us, paid for with our money) to beg for the bread they decide we’re entitled to (also purchased by us/controlled by them). United We All Stand! I don’t care what color our president may be… as long as he behaves like an American, not some Euro-socialist wannabe!

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