West Virgina Mine Explosion Kills 25

Twenty-Five are dead and 4 people are unaccounted for after methane gas cause  an explosion a coal mine in West Virgina on Monday. The explosion happen  at 3PM  Monday at the Upper Big Branch mine near Montcoal,WV. Montcoal is 30 miles from Charleston.

Rescue workers fear the workers may not survive. The rescue have ended early Tuesday. State and Federal OSHA officials say the will resume rescue efforts once holes drilled to release the toxic gases trapped in the Massey Energy Mine.

“All we have left is hope, and we’re going to continue to do what we can,” Kevin Stricklin, spokesman for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, said at a news conference. “But I’m just trying to be honest with everybody and say that the situation does look dire.”

The cause of the explosion is unknown however the mine is operated Performance Coal Company a subsidiary of Massey. Performance has history of violating safety laws; including not providing adequate ventilation holes.

Strickland said they had hopes, that the miners may have reached the airtight chamber where food, water and  oxygen to last for four to five days.

However, Rescue worker checked one of the two rooms it was empty.

So far seven bodies have been remove  from the mine. West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin say there were 29 mine workers in the mine. The mine was going through a shift change the explosion took place. Seven people were identified and removed  18 others were not found.

This is the worst explosion since 1984. That when 27 people were killed in US in fire at Massey Energy mine in Orangevale,UT

Yahoo News has more.


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