Gallup Poll:50% Survey Says Obama Does not Deserve Re-Election.

The newest Gallup Polls finds that if the election was held today, President Obama would not be elected. The poll results 50% of those surveyed says that the president does not deserve re-elected. Only 46% percent says that Obama should be re-elected.

The poll also finds people blames Obama for the troubles with the economy. 26% attributes a “great deal of blame for the economy”; while 50% says Obama deserves a “moderate blame for the economy.”

The survey finds The presidentlost ground in four key areas: He so longer seen as a strong and decisive leader; understanding the problems facing every-day Americans; the president cannot the manage government effectively and The president does not share their values.

There is good news the President Obama personal approval is at 52% but it is dangerously close to the 50% approval line. Once he goes below 50% Obama will have  a difficult time  getting any major (and controversial) piece of legislation passed.

USA Today.


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