Teen Age Girl Sell her Step-Sister for Sex

A 15-year-old Teen sold her seven step-sister for sex. Which rock Capitol of New Jersey, the Delaware Valley and Nation at its core.

This crime took place on Sunday at an apartment in Downtown Trenton just blocks from the statehouse. The older  girl and her sister who are not  identified because they are minors. The older sister is in custody at the Mercer County Juvenile Detention Center. Prosecutors want to try her as an adult. The girl charged with aggravated sexual assault, and promoting prostitution.

The 15 old sister took her little sister to a “sex party” at Rowan Tower Apartments. A dangerous high-rise apartment which has hired off duty Trenton Police officers as security because the building has dangerous elements including gangs and drugs.

The 15 year older sister allowed the men and teen boys to have their way with the little girl. First by touching then to force rape. says Capt. Joseph Juniak Of the Trenton Police Department. The older sister gave her younger some the money she receive from the men.

“It went from touching to straight out assault and rape,” Juniak said. “They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone.”

The younger girl left after the men finished got dress and went home crying. Two women who saw the crying girl and walked her home.

The girls parents call the Police when the girls did not come home around 4:30 P.M. Trenton Police was at the younger girl home  when she arrived.

The news has shock and anger Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer. Palmer who been may for 20 years call the scandal “sickening.”

“The police are taking this personal,” the mayor said. “I know there’s a place in hell for all the people that participated in this and I’m sure they will get there.”

“Personally as a father with a 7-year-old daughter, I can’t imagine the horror,” Palmer added.

Trenton Police and New Jersey Department of Children and Families are helping the girl seeking psychiatric care for the child. The girl is in a Trenton area hospital.

What a sad, sick, and twisted story God help the little girl and have mercy on the older one. Pathetic.

Breitbart News


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