Latino Leaders Fears Their Community Will be Undercounted

Latino Leaders are fearing their community will be under counted because of fear or anger which will cost billions of dollars in federal funds. Some people are afraid that if they fill out the 10 question of the 2010 Census they could be deported.

If that’s not enough a survey by the Pew Research Center find that one-third Hispanics were not unaware about the Census, the $14 billion to detail.“I would say that more than 50 percent of the Latino community will not participate in the census,” said Juan Carlos Ruiz, a Peruvian-born activist with the Latino Federation of Greater Washington.

“The problem is that by not participating we will be missing a big opportunity from a political, economic, social and even cultural point of view,” said Ruiz who helped organize huge immigrant marches in 2006.

There is estimate 50 million Latino in the US. If they are not counted correctly it could cost their communities $400 billions.

If  the community  counted correctly it could provide more health clinics , teachers and infrastructure.

However, some Latino  activists groups who want Amnesty for the 20 million illegal immigrants tired of the promises of US to legalize but don’t follow through are telling people not to respond to the questionnaire.

“We have no other choice left than taking such radical actions as this one. We are obliged by moral responsibility,” said Rev. Miguel Rivera, head of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders.

Rev. Rivera says nearly 40% of his congregation is undocumented Illegal immigrants many feel the Census would be use to deport them back to their countries of origin.

“For an undocumented immigrant there is no benefit … We believe some 3.5 million members of our congregations are not going to participate in the census,” he said.

However another activist group Voto Latino slams calls for a boycott  saying it  “irresponsible.”

“It’s very misguided logic to boycott the census because if we don’t know how many immigrants there are in this country how can you ever advocate for immigration reform?,” said the group’s deputy director Josh Norek.

Voto Latino has employed Latino Celebrities  for the census including Jennifer Lopez to Eva Longoria  for the “Be Counted” Campaign.

Reuters has more.


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