Reversal of Fortune: Tea Party Movement Better Understnading of Issues Than Members of Congress

If what Scott Rasmussen is reporting in his latest poll the Congress is in for a very rude awakening. The latest Rasmussen Report finds 52% of those surveyed say the tea party movement have move understanding of the issues than members of Congress. Only 30% of those surveyed found Congress have a better understanding of the issues.

In addition 47% of the surveyed said their political views are in line with the Tea Party Movement than Congress. Only 26% say their political views is align with Congress.

In a Reversal of Fortunes an earlier poll  said 16% respondents say they are aligned with the Tea Party Movement.

On the ethics front 46% surveyed say the Tea Party Movement members are more ethical than Congress. While 27% say  Congress is  than the Tea Party.

Talk about a disconnect: the Political Class  is out of touch with the mainstream of America. An astonishing 75% of the Political class say members of Congress are more on the issues. On the other hand 68% of Mainstream America say otherwise. Only 16% believe Congress is better  informed on the issues.

If Congress are not reading the polls they are in for a rude awakening in the Fall.

Talk about OUT  OF TOUCH

Rasmussen Reports


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