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Breaking News: Explosions Rock Two Moscow Trains Near the End of the Morning Rush Killing 37

Two Moscow subway train blew up on Monday morning during the morning rush killing 37 and injuring  dozens more. The two  explosions took place at two separate subway station in the Russian capital.

The first attack took place at 7:56 AM Moscow time at  Lubyanka Metro Station in Central Moscow. A second attack at on a train at the  Park Kultury in Central Moscow at about 8:40 Train service on this line suspended indefinitely.

So far now word of who is responsible for this attack.  Russian Authorities will launch and extensive investigation according to TASS-ITAR.

“An inquiry has been opened according to article 205 of the Russian criminal code — terrorism,” investigative committee of prosecutors spokesman, Vladimir Markin, said.

There is speculation that Chechen Rebels may be involved. Chechen suicide bomber killed 51 people outside of a Northeast Mosccow Station in August 2004. Another terrorist attack on a Moscow train killing 40 people and injuring 100 in February 2004 and 15 people killed during a concert in Moscow in 2003.

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FBI Raids A Religious Militia Cult in Michigan Seven Arrested

Seven people arrested on Sunday near Detroit when Federal Authorities raided a religious militia cult. The FBI lead Terror task force in three states Michigan, Indiana and Ohio in a continuing investigation of a “Christian” Militia group based in Adrian,MI.

Sources tell the Detroit News that the FBI is observing militia group in Washtenaw and Lenawee counties near Detroit.  The News contacted Sandra Berchtold a FBI Special Agent about the investigation. Berchtold says the Federal warrants are under seal and declined further comment.

Sources also say this is the second day of  the raid on the militia group in Adrian. The Group known as Hutaree is an alleged “Christian” militia group who describe themselves as a “christian” Soldiers preparing to go to battle against the Anti-Christ.

WXYZ-TV “Channel 7 Action News” reports helicopters flying over head of the Hutaree compound. The terror task force includes The Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

On Sunday the Associate Press reports according to FBI spokesperson Scott Wilson that two people arrested in Northwest Ohio on Saturday, one person arrested in Illinois and  day after raids in Northwestern Indiana.

The motive was a planned attack against Muslims. Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on Islamic-American Relations of Michigan released a prepared statement: “Don’t allow this news to scare you away from practicing your faith,” said Walid. The speech took placed on Saturday during CAIR’s 10 anniversary celebration after receiving a phone call from a reporter about the raid.

Detroit News has the rest of the story.