President Obama and Democrats has Lost White Male Vote Again

An opinion piece by David Paul Kuhn of the Albany Times-Unions sounds the alarm that President Obama and the Democratic Party has lost a significant member of its base White Men. In 2008 they came home to the party only to leave again.

Thirty years ago, the white male voter largely working and middle class men disenfranchised by the Jimmy Carter Administration they voted in droves for former California Governor Ronald Reagan as President in November 1980.

In 1994 under the previous Democratic President Bill Clinton these voter were not satisfied  with Hillary Care and Congressional  tax increases. This led to Republican Revolution that November. In that election Democrats had 38% of the White Male vote.

In 2008, Obama and Democrats overcame the poll numbers due to  Financial Crisis which saw Obama receiving 41% of white male vote.  This led to Obama victory in November.

However, a reversal of fortune happening  with Democrats losing White male vote which they earned over a year earlier.  Democrats have now 35%  of the white male vote. Three percent lower than their 1994 electoral losses that year according to Gallup,Inc.

The causes this time Financial Rescues of banks, insurance Company AIG, ownership of GM and Chrysler sent voters over the edge. This led election of State Senator Scott Brown(R-MA) to fill the US Senate Seat of the late Ted Kennedy in December 2008. White men support Brown 60 to 38 percent. While Martha Coakley Attorney General(D-MA) receive 52 percent of women vote according to Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates polling.

Now add in the take over Health Care industry and Student Loan industry take over in the health care law voted on this week.

President Obama approval number among white voters has slipped. only 38% of white men approve the president while 46% of white women support the President.

According to ABC News/ Washington Post poll found that 71 percent of white men and 58 % of white women want small government and services.

Apparently no one at the  White House is listening or they just don’t care. 1994 Democrats and the Media were mocking Republicans and white men as the  “Angry White Male” They haven’t learned their lesson.

There is a massive political wave coming and it sweep over Washington  pushing the politicians into the Potomac River  through the Chesapeake Bay into Atlantic  Ocean leaving many Social Democrats into to their political deaths.

The Republicans could benefit from a massive landslide the likes which has never been seen.

Albany Times-Union has the rest of the story.

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