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Health Care Countdown: Democrats Scraps Slaughter Rule While Tens of Thousands Gather at the Capitol Steps to Protest The reform

All eyes on the House of Representative Sunday as a vote on Health Care Reform is taken up.

On Saturday President Obama came to Capitol Hill to rally and cajole wavering Democrats to vote for the  Senate Health Care bill.

Earlier,  At the House Rules Committee meeting frustration between  Democrats and Republicans. At the end committee chose to use a straight up or down vote.

Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman said, “We’re not going to ‘deem’ the bill passed. We’re going to pass the Senate bill…I would be against the idea of ‘deeming’ something — we either pass it or we don’t.”

“I hope we’re making news here,” said Republican Rep. Joe Barton. Some Democratic members of the Rules Committee said the Deem and Pass is still on the agenda.

The Rules Committee drops Deem to pass a/k/a the Slaughter Rule.

That came on  the heels of House Minority Leader John Boehner wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to have an up and down voice vote.

Tens of Thousands gather on the steps of the US Capitol in on Saturday to protest vote on Sunday Health Care Reform. Led by Republican Members of the House of Representatives including Michele Bachmann(MN),Tom Price and Phil Gingrey(GA); Actor Jon Voigt, and Head of various Tea Party Movement leaders.

There is an allegation of a some one spouting racist and anti-gay defamatory language at Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)Rep Barney Frank,D-MA. The perp shouted down by those in the crowd.

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Federal Regulators Shut Down 7 Banks Georgia Loses 3 Banks Alone

On Friday, Regulators  shut down 7 banks in five states.  Three banks in the state of Georgia closed. Other banks closed in Alabama, Utah, Minnesota and Ohio.

The three Georgia banks includes Appalachian Community Bank in Ellijay, Ga.; Bank of Hiawassee, in Hiawassee, Ga.; and Century Security Bank in Duluth, Ga.

The non Georgia banks include First Lowndes Bank, in Fort Deposit, Al,State Bank of Aurora, in Aurora, Minn.; Advanta Bank Corp., based in Draper, Utah; and American National Bank of Parma, Ohio.

The Feds could not find a buyer for Advanta Bank and will shut down.

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