Walgreen to Stop Accept New Medicaid Patients

Walgreen is sending a message to Medicaid to new recipients after April 15 they will not fill prescriptions.  Why because Olympia has reduced the medicare reimbursement rate drop causing pharmacies to lose  money.

The current reimbursement rate in Washington State is at 84% after falling from 86% in September.

“Washington state Medicaid is now reimbursing pharmacies less than their cost of participation,” said Jeff Rochon, CEO of the Washington State Pharmacy Association.

Walgreens is not the only pharmacy chain to stop accept new Medicaid patients prescriptions. In February,  Bartell Drugs a local chain also will not accept new Medicaid prescriptions and a third pharmacy Ritzville Pharmacy announced in November the will not take in  no Medicaid prescriptions as well.

The Good news is  Fred Meyer a division of Korger Company and Safeway will continue to accept Medicaid prescriptions.

Doug Porter, Director of Medicaid  says Medicaid recipients should able to find a pharmacy to fill their medications in their area. “We have many more pharmacy providers in our network than we need”

If a person could not find a pharmacy in their area may call Medical Assistance Customer Service Center at 1-800-562-3022 .

Seattle Times


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