Who is Jihad Jane?

Federal officials on Tuesday arrested a suburban Philadelphia on attempting to conduct jihad on the United States.   Colleen La Rose of Pennsburg, PA who calls herself “Jihad Jane” on her My Space page. La Rose was planning to kill a Swedish cartoonist, recruit terrorist and marrying a terrorist to move Europe and hoped to be martyr.

La Rose used e-mail, You tube video to spread her hate. Her recruitment plans includes getting terrorists for homicide attacks in Europe and Asia according to a federal indictment unsealed on Tuesday.

La Rose boasted that Blond hair and green would make her an unlikely candidate for Jihad and she could travel unnoticed she wrote in an e-mail”an honor & great pleasure to die or kill for” jihad, or holy war, the indictment said.

Reaction from those who knew La Rose was shock and unbelief.  Kurt Gorman her boyfriend of five years was blown away withe the events. He said that she was not an active Muslim or went to services.

Nothing was wrong until last August when she moved out of their Pennsburg apartment.

“I came home and she was gone. It doesn’t make any sense,” he said Wednesday outside his small business in nearby Quakertown. “She was a good-hearted person.”

Meanwhile in Ireland seven people arrested with plans to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Vilks made a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad with the body of Dog.

La Rose raised funds for terrorist organizations and arraigned fake passports and recruit women to kill men in Europe and Asia.

WPVI’s “Channel 6 Action News”

Los Angeles Times has more.


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