Unemployment in California and 29 Other States on the Rise

Same song 25th  verse as California and 29 states saw their unemployment rate increase. California joins Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia have all time high employment.

California unemployment rate is now a staggering 12.5% up from 12.3% in December.  Florida’s jobless rate  rose to 11.2 %; South Carolina at 12.3.

North Carolina Unemployment figure now stands at 11.1% up from 10.9%. Georgia jobless number is at 10.4%.

This comes as the U S Senate has approved an extension of Unemployment benefits and COBRA health insurance last week.

There is some good news just a hand full of states in upper great plains has the lowest unemployment North  Dakota at 4.2%,  Nebraska jobless number at 4.6% and South Dakota  unemployment at 4.8%

Los Angeles Times

Bloomberg News

WTVD’s “Channel 11 Eyewitness News”

WSB-TV /HDTV “Channel 2 Action News”


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