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Breaking News:American al Qadea member Adam Gadhan Arrested or Is he???

Conflicting reports out of Pakistan on Sunday,  that Adam Gadahn A/K/A Azzam the America in Karachi. Pakistani sources told the AP that military caught him after they captured two members of the Taliban.

US military officials were not ready to confirm that it was Gadahn.

Late on Sunday CBS NEWS Farhan Bokhari confirmed that Pakistan did not captured Gadahn. But another American Taliban militant leader who is known as Abu Yahya.”
“In the light of our latest information, I can say, this is not looking like Gadahn. But it is still the arrest of an important Taliban militant,” said the Pakistani security official who spoke to CBS News late Sunday.

Ironically, a new Al Qeda tape featuring Gadahn released on Sunday. On the video, Gadahn hailed US Army Major Nidal Hasan for shooting 13 service people at Ft. Hood, in Killeen, TX last November.

AP via Yahoo News

CBS News