The US loses to Canada in the Hockey Final and Earns the

Canadians are celebrating Sunday after beating the US 3-2  in overtime in Vancouver Olympics to win the gold metal.

Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal against American goalie Ryan Miller in overtime to Canada the win.

If that wasn’t enough  Canada scored the largest number of Gold metals the most in Canadian winter Olympic history.

Canadian pride was on display for all the world to see.

“I’m very proud to be Canadian,” forward Jarome Iginla said. “You know what, I’m really proud of setting the gold-medal record for Canada.”

For Cosby  the victory is sweet.

“It’s a pretty unbelievable thing,” the 22-year-old Crosby said. “Being in Canada, that’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You dream of that a thousand times growing up. For it to come true is amazing.”

For the Canadian team whose the underdog to the US and Russia Sunday they now earn the  respect of the Hockey world.

We talked about not getting discouraged if the tournament didn’t go our way right off the bat,” defenseman Scott Niedermayer said. “Believe in each other and get our team game the way it needs to be to win, and we  did it.”

For the US most of the players were unknown that’s changed  thanks to Miller’s performance during Olympics.

“He (Ryan Miller)was the main reason we were in the gold medal game and why we got it to overtime,” forward Ryan Callahan said.

Miller receive the silver metal on Sunday with grace and class.

“No one knew our names. People know our names now,” said Chris Drury, who was  in the 2002 U.S. team that also lost to Canada in the gold-medal game.

Dury comforted Miller who was heartbroken at the loss.”He’s pretty down, but there’s no chance we’re here without the way he played the whole tournament,” Drury said. “It’s heartbreaking to lose in OT of a gold-medal game, but he should be proud of everything he did the last two weeks.”

All not lost for the US Olympic team the US lead the metal count with 37  followed by Germany 29 and Canada 26. This is most  metals won since the 1932 winter Olympics at Lake Placid in New York State.

AP via Yahoo Sports

AP via My Way Sports


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