Chilean Quake Death Toll Now 700 and Climbing Millions are Homeless

Chile declared a catastrophic area by President Michelle Bachelet and is asking the world for help. She attempts to reassure her citizens the food and help on the way.

“We are confronting an emergency without parallel in Chile’s history,” Bachelet proclaimed Sunday after the largest quake since 1960 9.5 quake. Saturday Maule quake killed 708 people and destroyed half-a-million homes. She has imposed a curfew from 9 PM-6AM.

In Concepcion, police is dealing looters ransack shops and business  searching for foods and  supplies. Meanwhile firefighters were rescuing people from a collapsed building had to abandon their efforts when police using tear gas to stop the looters.

Eduardo Aundez, a Spanish professor is  angry with the authorities for the out of control looting threw two gas cans to stop the looters attacking a gas station in Concepcion.

“I feel abandoned” by authorities, he said. “We believe the government didn’t take the necessary measures in time, and now supplies of food and water are going to be much more complicated.”

For the survivors many live outside either because the homes are destroyed or in fear of the aftershock may collapse their  homes.

“If you’re inside your house, the furniture moves,” said Monica Aviles, who wraps herself in a shawl to her warm as she sits next at the bonfire in the across from her apartment building.

An an aftershock remind Aviles why she camp the park.

“That’s why we’re here,” she said.

AP via Yahoo News has more.


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