Obama and Congress Have a Meeting of the Minds at Health Care Summit

Both sides presented their case on Thursday during the Health Care at Blair House in Washington.  Neither side gave ground in today negotiations. There little agreement.

The seven and half meeting shows that there is a wide gulf between Democrats and Republicans. Bipartisan compromise  is impossible.

President Obama  rejected republican calls to scrap the current bill.We cannot have another yearlong debate about this,” Obama declared. “I’m not sure we can bridge the gap..”

The president plan piggybacks on the senate plan which will
provide health care for 31 million people.

The president said he would pass the legislation without the republicans votes.

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor agrees with the president about the need for the reform health care. “We have a very difficult gap to bridge here.” But differences remain on how. “We just can’t afford this,” he said of the $1 trillion, 10-year proposal. “That’s the ultimate problem.”

AP via Yahoo News has the rest of the story.


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