Ahmadinejad: Israel To Start War This Summer; Netanyahu denies

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel wants war by spring or summer. In a speech addressed the Iranian Parliament Ahmadinejad say

“According to information we have they (Israel) are seeking to start a war next spring or summer, although their decision is not final yet.”

“But the resistance and regional states will finish them if this fake regime does anything again,” the hardliner said at a press conference when asked about ongoing efforts to reconcile ties between Arabs and Israel.

The tense (to say the least) relations between Israel and Iran has been since Ahmadinejad  was elected president and Israel threatening military action on Iran Nuclear program which I ran creates nuclear weapons.

For his part Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “We are not planning any wars.”

Netanyahu was in Russia visiting Russian Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin to discuss sanctions against Iranian Regime.

Netanyahu called that kind of talk as “manipulations.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the things we are hearing are a result of Iran’s feeling there is an increase in talks about sanctions,” he said.

AFP via Yahoo News UK has the rest of the story.

Breitbart News


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