Belgan Commuter Accident Kills 18

Two commuter collided head  on Monday killing 18 on board in the Village of Buizingen, Brussels. There’s a snow storm at the time of the crash. The crash took place during the morning commute.

This has led to canceling  of train service from France and Brittain. Rail operator SCNB said between 250 to 300 passengers total between two trains.

Passengers were still on board the trains hours after the crash. The two train and their cars crushed, overhead electrical wires severed.

Injured passenger taken 14 area hospitals.

The first two carriages were completely squashed,” said 37-year-old Hambaoui Mounir. “I was in the carriage right behind. The train fell to one side, people fell over each other, there was no air and women and children were screaming.”

Barbrant Provincial Governor Lodewijk De Witte  during a press conference said a local train ran a red light and careened head on  with an express train heading to Lige.

Monday crash is the largest rail incident since a train derailed 1974 also killed 18 people.



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