Record Breaking Snow in Dallas-Ft. Forth Metroplex and the Deep South

DC, Baltimore,Philadelphia and Chicago were not the only places that had record-breaking snowfall On Thursday Dallas receive 12.5 inches at Dallas Ft Worth International Airport. The previous daily record was 7.8 inches set January 15th,1964. The previous all time record was 12.1 inches set January 14th,1917.

This is the second highest seasonal record at 15.7 inches. The highest seasonal snowfall set in the Winter 1977-78 which was 17.6 inches.

Hundreds of businesses and schools throughout the Metroplex  and North Texas. Roads are slippery and dangerous to navigate on.

200,000 homes and businesses out of power according to Oncor Electrical Delivery. Oncor has 5000 workers to repair and replace down power lines. Roofs  caved in throughout the area including Joe Pool Lake Marina boathouse and The Rahr and Sons brewing in Ft. Worth. Rahr and Sons is scheduled to take part in a food network event.

Meanwhile, snow storm that blasted Texas  brought snow to Louisiana ,Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and a small part of the Florida panhandle on Friday. Schools from Louisiana to Florida and Georgia had a snow day classes were closed.

In Century,AL  Steve Pace 44 scraped snow of his roof of his truck shaped into a snowball  and gave it to his grandson Kaleb.

“I’ve only ever seen snow on TV till now,” Kaleb said, smiling.

Most of the southeast received between a trace and 2 inches, said George T. Mosby owner of the Timberline Motel in Chatom,AL  about 60 miles North of Mobile.

“I’m sitting here looking out over my property, 30 or 40 acres, looking at ponds and my property, a deer. It’s just real pretty,” he said.

In Shreveport, Lamar Methvin who works at area Home Depot  says they ran of winter equipment before the snow storm due to an earlier deep freeze. Before Methvin worked for Home Depot, Methvin owned his own hardware store.

Snow shovels? They don’t even know what they are down here,” he said, laughing. “I was the only hardware store in Louisiana that carried a snow sled.”

Flights were canceled due to the storm in Dallas and Atlanta.

Johnathon Lamb at the National Weather Service says Charleston,SC may receive between 2-4 inches of snow. Savannah could receive up to 3 inches. Savannah last record snowfall was 3.6 inches in December 1989.

KXAS -TV/HD “NBC 5 News”

Breitbart News


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