President Clinton Has Coronary Artery Surgeory

Former President Bill Clinton operated his coronary artery  on Thursday.  Clinton was taken to Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital after struggling chest pains.

His cardiologist, Dr. Allen Schwartz, chief of cardiology at New York City’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Doctors implant two stents  in his arteries  to allow blood to flow. Five years ago Doctors do quadruple bypass surgery to restore blood flow. When doctors discover a series of clogged arteries.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rushed to New York to be at the President’s side. Their daughter Chelsea who lives in Manhattan also with the president.

The procedure “makes him less susceptible to future heart attacks,” Schwartz said. “His prognosis is excellent.”

It it’s expected Clinton will stay at the hospital for a few days then released.

Doctors took pictures of the president heart and arteries and discovered the grafted artery blocked.

The blockage is typical of bypass surgery there is a 10-20 percent chance to re-block.says Schwartz.

“This was not a result of his lifestyle or diet, which have been excellent,” he said, adding that Clinton is “in excellent condition, as evidenced both by what he does and objective testing.”



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