Mid-Atlantic Will Be Slammed by Another Nor’easter

Winter 2009-2010 will be the snowiest Winter in modern history.  On Monday the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for the Washington,D.C.-Baltimore, Maryland, Arlington,Virginia region for Tuesday.

A  storm that lambasted California and destroyed 9 homes and damaged 43 other in suburban Los Angeles over the weekend will merge with a Alberta clipper to create a nor’easter to bring heavy snow from North Dakota to Maine.

Snowfall measuring between 10-20 of snow on top of 18 of snow in DC, and 25 inches in Baltimore.

Philadelphia which was hit an all time record of 28 inches will receive between 12 and 18 of more snow. Parts of southern New Jersey and Poconos Mts. will receive 6-12 inches of snow.

In the Last storm, New York and  New England were largely spared of the snow event. Not this time. New York is forecast to receive a foot of snow in the Tri-State area.  Boston is also expecting 6-12  of snow on Wednesday.

How’s that global warming or climate change or what ever non-sense from the environmentalist wackos spouting working for ya.


KYW-TV “Channel 3 Eyewitness News”




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