President Obama State of Union Speech will focus on New Ideas

On Wednesday, President Obama 1st  State of The Union address will focus on the Accomplishments include the so-called Save or Created Jobs. The Job were mainly  government posts and bailout, local governments, cities, towns, counties; states  and schools.  Despite private sector unemployment  at 10% he will claim 2 million jobs.

The President will make several recommendations including doubling the child tax credit, tax credits for small businesses and a spending spree.

US Senator Chuck Schumer defends the President  and point out he making to change to focus on jobs and the economy.

“The middle class feels beleaguered, and I think the message of Massachusetts, which I believe the president is now heeding, was pay attention to our plight. We’re not as worried about changing the health care system as we are about getting by week to week,” Sen. Charles Schumer said.

This will show the American People he gets it and he will focus on the middle class.

However, Republicans  are not buying it. President’s war on banks has hit the middle class in the New York Metropolitan  area.

“No, I don’t see any real relief coming from Barack Obama to the middle class. I think he is still on a very liberal agenda. He’s mouthing some words which maybe will play in some states but his policies are devastating to New York,” Rep. Peter King said.

King is calling on Obama for an cost of living adjustment on federal taxes   because the New York City area is expensive.

“If he’s serious about the middle class there should be an allocation or adjustment made for people living in a high-income area, high-expense area, high cost of living area,” the Republican from Long Island said.

All eyes are on the State of the Union, Will he hit a home run? Or will bunt or or Strike out we will see.



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