The Three ways the Obama Stimulus has Saved or Created Jobs

Three White House spokespersons give conflicting information on how many jobs were saved or created on the Sunday shows.  The three spokespersons Valerie Jarrett President Obama “On Meet the Press” on NBC adviser has saved or created thousand and thousands jobs.  David Axelrod on CNN’s “State of the Union”  says the White House  has saved or created 2 million jobs. While  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs say the stimulus saved or Created 1.5 million jobs.

Only one problem  that true for the public sector workforce however, that’s not true for the private sector. Unemployment is 10% 85,000 jobs lost in  December of 2009.  There is 15.3 million people out of work if you add in the underemployed it’s closer to 19 million.

No wonder unemployment is high as it is the White House can’t keep its stories straight.


H/T: Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit


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