Broke California Will Try Again to Create Universal Health Care

Can someone in please tell California State Senator Mark Leno(D-San Francisco) now is not the time to create an entitlement  program in the midst of  a major recession? Please???? Or Ask Sen. Leno how many more jobs will leave California for this and other schemes? Why? Read On!

According to Holly Quan of KCBS-AM “All News 740” in San Francisco that Sen. Leno want to try again to create a statewide Universal Health Care program.

This come on the heels of the election of Senator-election Scott Brown (D-MA) who will replace Ted Kennedy who died last August. Brown said he would vote against.

The state  Senate Appropriations Committee for the full senate vote this week. The Universal Health Care scheme will cost taxpayers $210 billion in the first year. It would be double the amount the current state budget. It’s what the California and the federal government will spend on health care in California Leno said.

Leno brought the proposal to the fore after  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger veto the legislation twice before. Schwarzenegger came up his version which cost $14.7 billion which was defeated by a senate committee.

Leno’s bill creates a commission on how to pay for the bill.  The commission would cost  $ 1 million. He also said that he would use increase in payroll taxes as well as federal and state health care funds.

Reaction from the state GOP senate leaders  is derision:

“California Democrats are either tone-deaf or delusional,” California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring said in a statement.

Senate Minority leader Dennis Hollingsworth, (R-Murrieta,)  says the Democrats can sent the bill to the Governor without Republican support.

Leno defended the bill by saying the voters of California strongly support the bill.“Whatever comes out of Washington is much less certain, which only gives greater incentive for leadership coming from state legislators because somehow, some way, health care reform must be addressed,” Leno said in a telephone interview. “We’re drowning. We can’t keep up and it’s killing our economy and it’s harming our employers and it’s harming our employees. It’s harming everybody.”

However,  Health care political experts says it the wrong time for major legistaltion. Brian Liang, executive director of the Institute of Health Law Studies at California Western School of law, the proposal comes at the worst time and could be a disaster for Democrats.

“In California, we’re going to distance ourselves from that horrible thing in Washington, and we’re going to do our own thing. Quite honestly, that’s again being out of touch with the folks who say, I don’t have a job. How are you going to do this for me? How am I going to have to pay for this?” he said. “You can demand a single-payer system all you want. But, if I can’t pay the premiums, I can’t afford to go to the doctor.”

Liang says California voters could send message to Sacramento of what happened in Massachusetts would happen here.

KCBS-AM “All News 740”

H/T: Michelle Malkin


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