Causes for Concern for the Obama Presidency: Independents and White Vote

Two conservative writers have some analysis that suggest Independents and White Voters have left President Obama. Peggy Noonan the former speechwriter for President Reagan writes the that Massachusetts voters notably Independents  have fled Obama in droves.

Noonan compares Democrats as Nuts and Republican as Creeps.

Noonan says independents who tired of the Bush-Chaney Administration went to Barack Obama  believing that he was not the same tax and spend Nuts  like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton in his first two years . Obama proclaim he was for tax relief for  voters and he’s fiscally  conservative.

However Obama turned to classic tax and spend liberal; a nut who believes raising taxes, increase spending and returned to big government was the answer for what ails the American Government.

The voters of Virgina, New Jersey and Massachusetts  ran to the GOP the creeps (with sexual peccadilloes, and Democrat lite policies which drove voter away in 2006 and 2008.) The GOP earned the trust by  portraying themselves as fiscal conservatives and not bring up the social issues which is major issues for the GOP.

Wall Street Journal

In his weekly column on World Net Daily,  Ultra Conservative (and Populist) Commentator Pat Buchanan dare to ask “Has Obama lost White America?”

In the article Buchanan says exit polls found the white voters in  both Virginia and New Jersey which Obama won in 2008  has lost them in voting the Republican Governors in November 2009.

In Virgina Republican Bob Mc Donald won the white voter 68%to 32%. McDonald lost the black vote 90 to 9. Obama beat Sen. John McCain  with 92 to 8 percent votes.

In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie won the 59 to 43%  a 2 to 1 margin. Christie lost the Black vote equally large numbers like Mc Donald; Christie won only 8% of the black vote.

Reasons, one Whites see Obama is ineffective in creating jobs and ending the recession. Second,  the perception that the President put race ahead in support of the police. Third, Buchanan says selection of controversial Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and finally, The voter tired of the GOP  and its support of NAFTA and pro-amnesty for illegals and watching over 5 million job lost under Bush. Obama promise to be a new Democrat à la Bill Clinton. When he took office he reverted to the same big government policies the American people dislike.

World Net Daily

My take the president needs white voter and alienating them is the wrong thing to do. He must prove to the voters that he listening and cannot be seen a condescending, élite who this his way is the only way.

We know what works and what doesn’t: Tax Cuts to create jobs, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, eliminating  pre-existing  conditions(or  pool for working class and middle class people to buy insurance including making catastrophic policies available). We  dont’ carve out niches for you supporters (i.e. Unions) for a “Cadillac health plans” tax everyone else who have the policies will pay through the snout for the Senate health care plans.

Holding terrorists at Guantanamo Bay Prison  and have trials there instead of New York City or Chicago.

The president is a very smart man but he has little common sense and wisdom, which leader needs.  But Obama is not using. He has ten months for he and Democrats congress to turn it around or he’ll face what Bill Clinton faced the lost of both houses of Congress. (Bill Clinton turned it  around to win a second term with strong fiscal conservative congress in 1996. Will Obama take a page from President Obama to move to the center and lose the wacky left  he be re-elected?  Or continue on this path to political death and be a  one term president. We will see.


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