House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Says Health Care is Dead

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the US Senate Health Care reform bill does not have the votes to pass.  The House Speaker announced on Thursday at  her weekly press conference in House Press Room.

“In its present form, without change, I don’t think it’s possible to pass the Senate bill in the House,” Pelosi told reporters today in Washington.

The news came as Senate welcomes Scott Brown(R-MA) the winner of special election which Brown replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy who championed Health Care Reform.  Senator-Elect Brown said he would oppose the health care bill which effectively killed any hope of Health Care bill.

The Senate Bill was the best chance to pass health care reform bill.

Pelosi is committed to a health care reform plan.

“We are not in a big rush,” Pelosi said. Congress will “take the time it needs to consider the options,” she said.

The Democrats are weighing their options including to scale the bill down  to use Reconciliation to push the bill through; or pass the parts of the bill including eliminating pre-existing medical conditions, subsidies for low-income people to buy insurance.

“I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements in the package that people agree on,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News broadcast last night.

Bloomberg News


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