President Barack Obama Year ONE

As the first year of the Presidency of Barack H. Obama has been like many presidency before him; his faced with ups and downs.  The president started the year with a an astounding 76 % of voters approval rating. But as he starts year two is likability rating fallen to 56%.

A new CBS NEWS poll found that President Obama approval 50% rating. The poll found the public disgusted with helping big business and not for the little people. There is a some solace Obama  approval number are in line with recent President including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton for first year.

The first project was the stimulus which the president said Unemployment would not rise past 8 percent. It was passed. The so-called “jobs saved and/or created” claimed to saved 2 million jobs  there was no way to quantify the job growth because it money used by states,  city, county and school districts to pay salaries there was little proof of this. The government website was found to inaccurate information including phantom zip codes and made up congressional districts.

Incidentally, Unemployment grew to 10.2% the highest in over 25 years.

The goodwill the president used up to improved the US standing in the World  sort of while the president relayed the message the US is not at war with Islam. The Muslim world still did not trust the US despite his speech to College students in Egypt in the spring. To Europe and Asia he told World the US was not to go it alone and would no longer arrogant to other nations.   While he did that his staff nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize which was a shock a nomination. Not only he nominated he was the winner but his critics used Nobel Peace Prize ammunition that he did noting to deserve the honor.
Some of the critics of President Obama point out he treated the enemies of the US with respect and deference. While our allies are disrespected. The President chided by Hugo Chavez President and Dictator of Venezuela and gave him a book on negative history of the US. While the return a bust of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill which is seen a snub by the British People.

On race relations, in incident involving his friend Professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard University and Cambridge Police officer  and said the officer acted stupidly in not realizing the Dr. Gates was the home owner who lost his keys and tried to climb the window to his home to get in.  The Cambridge Police Department and Police Union stood by  the Officers because he said Professor Gates was angry and belligerent. The President called the  event a teachable  moment   and hosted  beer summit between the Cambridge Police Officer and Professor Gates.

The business realm the bailout of banking and insurance industry was controversial. Obama inherited the banking crisis from the Bush Administration although as US Senator from Illinois he voted for the TARP program for troubled banks. (We learn that former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Benjamin  Bernanke twisted the arms of many of the banks to take the money; which garnered the outrage by Republicans and a few Democrats in Congress.

The takeover of car companies General Motors and Chrysler LLC garnered outrage and some support of the public. Dealerships closed and divisions eliminated such as  GM’s Pontiac and Saturn and others sold: Hummer was sold to  a manufacturer in The People’s Republic of China (Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company)

Chrysler was split three ways The US and Canadian governments own a less than 20 percent the UAW (United Auto Workers of the US and Canada)own a much stake and Fiat own 30 percent.

In addition, there will be factories  by GM and Chrysler will be close over the next two years. The anger and outrage  led to many Americans to vow never to by General Motors(nicknamed Government Motors) and Chrysler again.  The federal government engaged the public to buy new cars in refund program called “Cash for Clunkers” which government would give a cash back or credit  which is successful and increased new car sales (critics say Cash for Clunkers took away from sales in later months)

Spending, The president outdid his predecessors a million to one. Stimulus, Omnibus spending bill. Under President George W. Bush the federal deficit grew to $10 trillion the American public was upset  much of the spending was for the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama has increase the deficit to astounding $13 trillion  in 2010 and by 2012 the debt will increase to $16.5 trillion.

Programs: Health Care Reform the president allowed The congressional leaders House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to craft a health care reform legislation  based that the American People wanted Universal Health care. However by years end amidst the stories of Universal Healthcare in United Kingdom(National Health Service Trust) and Canada(Health Canada) including poor condition in the UK and  Canadian health system had rationing by government health boards (the was reports that the US would have a similar board [nicknamed by former Alaska Governor and Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin as death panels based on the UK Liverpool Care Pathway for the elderly who are belived in their last days the Administration denounced Palin however it was removed but later it resurfaced in the proposals.])

Health Care has affected in the  recent elections  in Governorships of Virginia and New Jersey were Republican. These states voted for President Obama handily in November of  2008. (The congressional special election in 23rd Congressional district in New York state was a three person race and the Democrat win defeating the conservative party candidate  the Republican withdrew and gave her support to the Democrats. The recent special election in Massachusetts  in which State Senator Scott Brown.

The Haiti Relief so far has gone well to his credit.

One major criticism the Manchild president he still blame President Bush for all of his problems. Mr. Obama This is your presidency; it has our fingerprints all over it. You sir DO NOT GET IT and the American (except the radicals progressive on the left) know this and they are not buying it. Grow Up and own it. We need a leader not my 15 nephew who think he knows everything and is too big for his britches.

There’s a wave a coming that is sweeping the nation and if you and Democrats in Congress do not change your ways and stop spending, and taking over industries and really create real jobs in the private sector by the November election this congress will be swept way from the Tidal basin, down the Potomac River , though the Chesapeake Bay  and out to blue Atlantic left for Politically Dead(metaphor people,metaphor) and there will be gridlock like you never seen because  the Republicans will take over and give your presidency  impotency and that’s crying shame.

CBS News


One response to “President Barack Obama Year ONE

  1. Barack Obama, The first black president of the U.S.A, as you have mentioned above he has 76 % rating while and after elections, but now the grade of trust in society to his Presidental actions is lowering.

    there are various beliefs about that fact:

    1. Obama was overrated as leader, he is good spokesman but bad action maker.
    2. Obama is simply the populist.
    3. Obama is strong leader but bad president.
    4.obama is not mentally as strong as people consider him to be.
    5. Obama will fail his term of being president.
    6. he talks a lot but does just a little part of his plans.


    1. Obamas first year was like fast flip through around the world politics and his actions will be more strict in 2010.
    2. Obamas pre election program would be in action in 2010.
    3. war in afganistan was not obamas will, but outcome of bush’s policy.

    best wishes, and sorry for poor english

    Jerald Newman

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