Scott Brown, Who is He and Why is he scaring Democrats

There is a question that many Democrats are asking Who is Scott Brown? Well, Brown that is State Senator Scott Brown (R-Norfolk) is competing for the US Senate seat which the Late Senator Edward J.(Teddy)  Kennedy served from 1964-till his death in August. Brown would take over from US Senator Paul Kirk(D-MA) who appointed by Governor Deval Patrick(D-MA), if he defeats Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakely (D-MA).

Brown defeated his Republican rivals on December 8,2009. Brown is in a three-way race with Coakley and Joseph L. Kennedy (I) no relation to the late Senator.

Brown has run a nearly flawless campaign. He has traveled the length of the state Massachusetts, meeting citizens.  Attorney General Coakley has done so but on a much smaller scale.  Coakley has made missteps in her attacks  on State Sen. Brown. Blasting Brown for teaming up with Curt Shilling Cy Young award-winning pitcher for the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball team and accused Shilling of being a Yankee fan. Talk about a faux pas. A Red Sox pitcher a Yankees fan that’s insane!

Brown has held his own during a debate with Coakley with where the host of the debate called refer the seat as the Kennedy Seat  where  he retorted “With all due respect this is not the Kennedy Seat but this the people’s seat.”

The election polls goes from Coakley up 58% to Brown 32% by WNEC back in October 18-22,2009 to a Rasmussen Reports poll in January 7-9th with Brown up by one 48 to 47%. Now momentum has gone to Brown  in a series of polls including: American Research Group poll form Jan 15-17 ,2010 has Brown 52% to 45% over Coakley. Public Policy Institute poll Jan 16-17th 51 to 46% in Browns favor.  Cross Target Research   Jan 16-17 found Brown lead Coakley  52% to 42% incredible 10% advantage in Massachusetts A Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll gas Brown and Coakley   all tied up at 48% each.

Second,  why is he scaring Democrats  by he seen as a threat by them because he could be the 41% vote essentially killing the health care bill.



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